Revit Structure (Essentials)


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Revit Structure (Essentials)


About This Course

Create vital construction documents for structural projects by using several tools in Revit Structure, such as ‘Drawing and Modifying Structural Elements’, ‘Drawing and Modifying Structural Framing’, ‘Drawing and Modifying Structural Slabs’ and more.

While learning how to create models of concrete and structural steel projects in Revit, candidates will undergo online practical sessions in the presence of a trainer, so that they may ask any course-related questions.

To grasp the course content in-depth, this online video-led course includes multiple-choice tests. The course videos are divided into specific modules, which candidates can view at their own pace from the comfort of their homes.

Future Scope of This Course

Candidates interested in this course must have knowledge of civil engineering terminology and AutoCAD software.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must have knowledge of civil engineering terminology and AutoCAD software.

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course Revit Structure (Essentials)

Sr.  No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
12H : 33M : 03S


0.1Introduction To RevitPreview00.02.15

1Introduction to Revit Structure00.02.15

1.1Understanding GUI Preview00.07.57

1.2Revit Elements, Instance & Type Property00.08.08

2.0Starting New Project00.58.18

2.1Templates & Creating Keyboard Shortcuts00.08.27

2.2View Control Toolbar & Visibility/Graphics00.19.48

2.3View Templates & Customizing Project Template00.10.50

2.4Creating and Editing Levels And Grids00.19.11

3.0Linking and Importing CAD00.27.58

3.1Linking & Importing CAD Files 00.17.26

3.2Linking Revit Models & Copying Levels 00.10.32

Practical Session

TEST – 01

4.0Drawing & Modifying Structural Elements00.51.50

4.1Placing & Modifying Structural Columns00.17.53

4.2Placing & Modifying Structural Walls00.18.59

4.3Placing & Modifying Structural Foundations00.14.57

5.0Drawing & Modifying Structural Framing01.43.35

5.1Beams & Beam Systems00.17.56

5.2Bracings & Trusses00.24.15

5.3The Steel Tab00.38.49

5.4Steel Connections (Placing & Creating Custom Connections)00.22.33

Practical Session

6.0Drawing & Modifying Structural Slabs00.36.51

6.1Creating Structural Slabs00.21.37

6.2Creating Openings in Structural Slabs00.15.14

7.0Stairs & Ramps00.42.46

7.1Creating Stairs00.23.23

7.2Editing Stairs & Creating Ramps00.19.22

Practical Session

8.0Working with Analytical Models00.12.59

8.1Creating Analytical Views & Adjusting Analytical Models 00.17.22

8.2Applying Loads, Boundary Conditions & Analysing 00.16.36

9.0Structural Reinforcement01.24.25

9.1Placing Rebar in Isolated Footings & Columns 00.27.53

9.2Placing Rebars in Beams & Slabs 00.34.50

9.3Placing Varying Shape Rebar & Free Form Rebar 00.21.41

Practical Session

TEST – 02

10.0Annotation Construction Documents00.53.13

10.1Understanding and Using Dimensions 00.23.47

10.2Editing Dimensions, Adding Text & Symbols 00.29.25

11.0Tags and Schedules01.19.58

11.1Understanding Tags & Using Tag by Category 00.28.48

11.2Tag All & Multi-Category Tags (Understanding Project & Shared Parameters) 00.21.38

11.3Creating Schedules 00.29.31

Practical Session

12.0Views Setup 01.41.58

12.1Creating Views (Elevations, Sections & Call-outs) 00.20.02

12.2Adding Details in Sections & Call-outs, Creating Drafting views 00.33.50

12.3Understanding Duplicate views, Legend Views & Scope Boxes 00.28.35

12.4Understanding View Range & Scope Boxes 00.19.30

13.0Sheet Composition 00.59.44

13.1Customizing & Creating New Titleblock Family 00.26.49

13.2Adding Views & Revisions, Matchlines & View References 00.32.55

Practical Session

TEST – 03

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